The power of Make-Up & customer service.

I recently just quit my job and started freelancing, and by recently I mean my last day at my job was Friday May 11th.

Today I was at Sephora 5th Avenue in NYC working for Hourglass Cosmetics when 2 ladies found me and asked for help with a Stila foundation. I happily took them over and found a foundation color that best matched her skin. She was an older lady she was with her grand daughter if I’m not mistaken. They asked about primers and I told them the primers I love in the store and I asked my basic retail getting to know you question “How’s your skin? Dry, oily, combination?” she replied saying she was very dry due to the fact that she was undergoing chemo. I stopped for a second pulled myself back together instantly and said well that changes everything! I want to show you a product that would be beneficial for your skin.

After showing her the primer we started talking lips she was so appreciative that I helped her with this product that could possibly help her skin based on what she was going through she kept thanking me. She decided not to get lips because she wasn’t quite feeling it for her own reasons. But when she spoke about why she wasn’t getting lips I could have sworn I saw tears well up in her eyes and as they did she continued to thank me one more time. I gave her my card and told her if she needs anything from me please give me a call I would be more than happy to help her out. When I left we gave each other a big hugs and she gave me a thank you so much.

I couldn’t stop thinking about her all day.

Sometimes working in customer service is tough and it takes a lot out of you. But if one person I touch a day is grateful for my help and feels like I’ve made an impact then maybe it’s not so bad after all.

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